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Peeling Feet Treatment

Healthy feet, happy life! If you're struggling with peeling feet, it's time to take action. Our Peeling Feet Treatment will have your soles feeling smooth in no time.

Peeling Feet Treatment is effective for removing rough skin and dirt that has accumulated between the cracks on your feet, as well as preventing similar problems in the future.

Peeling Feet Treatment Benefits

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Safe, Fast
& Effective

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Remove dead
& rough skin

Achieve smooth & baby soft feet


Remove dirt accumulated between the cracks


Prevent dry feet, cracks, calluses, blisters & infections

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How does it affect you?

Having peeling feet can be uncomfortable and may cause pain or irritation, especially if the skin is dry, cracked, or blistered. The peeling skin can also be unsightly and embarrassing, particularly if it occurs on the soles of the feet or other visible areas.


In addition to the physical discomfort, peeling feet can also be a sign of an underlying medical condition, such as athlete's foot and further infection. If you're experiencing peeling skin on your feet, it's important to identify the underlying cause and address it promptly to prevent further discomfort or complications.

Peeling Feet Before & After (1).jpg

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"I like the staffs very much, they are very professional, friendly and polite. I did my gelish manicure and feet treatment. Is different with other places, the gel manicure can last for a month."

SK Lim

"Gel manicure was very lasting. Lasted over a month. Feet treatment was amazing. Removal of dead skin and softening. Staff service is excellent. Staffs are polite and friendly. Service was punctual and fast."

Kamini Kunasegaran

"It’s first time at Nailz Haus and the staff were very friendly and professional in delivering their service. They were thorough in their treatment and delivered excellent service and advise throughout my time here."

Zaki Ali

"Friendly staff. Gelish mani and pedi were very lasting. Manicurist are all very nice and welcoming. Did treatment for foot and all my dead skins were removed."

TingTing Phua

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